How to merge duplicate Facebook Pages


Over the last few weeks I've been asked several times how to merge pages so it's probably time for a quick post about it. It's actually very easy to merge Facebook pages, so long as you're the admin for both pages. Quite often companies end up with duplicate pages. For one reason or another more than one person creates a page and leaves the business or perhaps you have multiple sites, brands or products that you now what to bring under one page.

From Facebook.

Now you can merge duplicate pages into your primary page so that you can manage things from one place. If you merge these pages, we will merge all your fans and any check-ins you have, but all other content from duplicate pages such as wall posts and photos will be lost and permanently deleted.


  • Go to the Facebook page you want to Merge.
  • Click the Edit Page button in the top right corner
  • Click the Resources link in the left hand menu and you'll see the option to merge pages
Select the option and you'll see a list of all the pages you're an admin for. Simply select the pages you want to merge and hey presto, you've just made your life much simpler!