Matakana Holiday

Merry Christmas, I hope it was glorious! Happy New Years, I hope you've had a great break. 

This year Jen and I took a short trip 1 hour north of Auckland to Matakana and then on to Campbells Beach where we stayed at "The Original Kiwi Bach". BatchCare manage the property along with several other properties in the area and provide a great service.

The bach has no internet or cell phone coverage so it was a great time to read @Garvee's Book "Crush IT" and @missrogue's book "The Whuffie Factor", both have created many many video posts that we may or may not release in the next few months. In any case watch this space.

We have to send big digs out to the Heron's Flight Vineyard Crew for two wonderful lunches and very tasty Rose. 

So here are the photos from our trip