Make the News or Be the conversation?

You can make the news or you can make the conversation

Conversation marketing is the new tactic thats creating fresh challengers for an already bewildered marketing and communications industry

The rules and best practice for social business branding are changing almost with the seasons. 

Keeping up with the latest ideas and practices is a full time challenge, and more often a process of discovery than something taught.

As marketers we know that people talk. They talk about whats happening around them, shared experiences and things they find interesting. 

So thats now a given premise. The conversation is happening online, its highly social and verociously active.

Conversation marketing is like product placement in a movie. Your product or brand just happebns to be there, apart of that experience being shared at that moment. 

If that experience is interesting, jumps, pops at you, chances are you or your mate are going to share that, take a photo, video or tweet your opinion about it.