Make Love Tweets Sticky

We like negative tweets dealt with and hidden away but Love Tweets need to be sticky, shared and promoted. Saving and publishing your Love Tweets could be very rewarding for your business.

Personal recommendations and endorsements are incredibly powerful. Many people will be looking for customer confirmation that you are as awesome as you know you are. Making it easy for them to find great buzz about your product or service is your job. Imagine if when someone searches your brand on Google one of the top results is a page displaying the most recent Love Tweets from your fans.

So here's some suggestions for you:

  • The simplest way to save your Love Tweets is by using the Twitter Favorites feature 
  • Use the Twitter API or create a widget on a webpage like VaultPress
  • Create a PDF of your favorites you can share with TweetBook
  • Use an app like Hootsuite or Friendfeed to share your Love Tweets on Facebook
  • Add your favorites URL to your email signatures
  • Watch Love Tweets to see people and brands people love

If you haven't got any Love Tweets saved you can discover them with tools like

When someone does tweet you some love make sure you return the favor. Whether it's replying with "Thank you", sending some swag or even vouchers for them and a friend the important thing is cherishing that moment


So what do you do with Love Tweets and how do you show them off?