Maintaining morale on Mondays

"Who stole the weekend!"


Every Monday is the same. On Twitter its a barrage of grumpy, moaning, whining people trying desperately to move out of 2nd gear and into work mode.

Over the last 10 years I've worked in several customer service departments and as a online community manager. 

What I started thinking about today was what can we do as community managers and support people to lighten the mode and make people feel more relaxed on a Monday. 

It's typical for an increase in calls and emails on a Monday to resolve weekend issues or get projects moving for that week. People are also less likely to think and try to solve the problems themselves on a Monday so support staff might get fed up with that too. 

How to "lighten the load" is an important job for any support manager. Perhaps you have staff rostered on on Sunday afternoon to reduce the backlog for Monday morning. Or perhaps you elegantly divvy up the work into nice bite size pieces for everyone. One things for sure, don't expect people to think for themselves, Mondays are the time for leadership, good management and giving people clear direction whether its your staff or your customers

Why do we have Monday Morning staff meetings? What a way to start the week, stats, targets, rah rah! When most of the time we have not even re-adjusted after the weekend. Perhaps leave your Monday meetings to after Lunch?

So my top 3 Monday Morning initiatives are:

  1. Lead from the front, take charge with a smile
  2. Be proactive about work allocation so it does not seem so daunting
  3. Sit frontline, take some calls, and get your team talking and laughing

And from a community manager perspective, share a few stories, say hello to people, post something funny and give people a status update on any issues or bugs that might be effecting them. 

Do you have any other tips for Monday Madness?

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