Longroom Service Rocks our Engagement

Yesterday Jen Corbett and I celebrated our Engagement with Family and Friends at the Longroom Bar in Ponsonby, Auckland. 

During the afternoon the group got progressively larger, posing serious seating dilemma's, chairs were added, table extensions attached and everyone was happy.
The staff gave everyone great drink suggestions, notably keen to promote the new Pear Cider they have on tap. The Longroom platter was fantastic and the tapas are simple, tasty and satisfying.
The attention we were given by the team was exceptional, and I couldn't help but feel these guys know how to deliver a great experience. Even the oldies were impressed!
It's not rocket science, its not difficult but you have to want to care, to take ownership of any issues and be attentive.
Thanks to the Longroom for making our day special, stress free and enjoyable

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