Least we forget: Salvaging some family history

So here's a post totally unrelated to Customer Service or Social Media.

Granddad left us a few years ago but in a recent trip home we started clearing out the all the storage spaces in order to start selling the house etc.

Granddad hardly ever spoke of his time at war but we found some amazing luggage he used on his mission to Kashmir, India. His war diaries are getting transcribed so hopefully we'll have a full story and a better picture of where and what he did there. But for the mean time I have his tea chest and satchel. I hope to find a leather restoration service to advise me on the best way to protect the leather so I can share these pieces of family history with my Grandkids in years to come.

The full collection of Granddads luggage contacts this tea chest, the satchel and 2 regular sized suit cases. I wonder what the people on the Antique Roadshow would think about these...

So as you can imagine these are pretty special.

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