Wise words of advice for awesome Kickstarter campaigns


Over the last two weeks I've been doing some research into Kickstarter campaigns for a project we have launching in the next few months. I'm really interested in what makes a good Kickstarter campaign and some best practice guidelines for us to work to.

Here's the list of a few good resources

So what are the common threads of advice to give your Kickstarter project the best chance of success?

  • Have a great story
  • Use video to connect with your audience
  • Simple product description
  • Simple proposition of what you need the money for
  • Endorsements and testimonials for the product and the people behind the idea
  • Multiple pledge levels
  • Set a reasonable fundraising goal but not too high so you dont reach it
  • Build community - connect and engage with everyone who pledges, engages and shares your idea.

Have you run a Kickstarter campaign before? Share the link and your wise words of advice...

Also if you work for Kickstarter please get in touch, I'd love to share our campaign idea with you...