Justin Bieber vs New Zealand in Twitter Traffic

A few months ago Mashable reported that Twitter has allocated 3% of their servers to cope with Bieber Fever. His fans generate such a huge amount of activity that when he tweets his account receives more than 60 @-replies per second for a while after he tweets

So if Justin Bieber fever takes up 3% of Twitter how much does all the whole of New Zealand use?

New Zealand contributes a whooping 0.12% of the worlds tweets

Want to see which countries are most active on Twitter?

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So far people from 199 Countries have tweeted.

Here are the highest tweeting countries


But what about New Zealand? Where do we fit in?


Whats really interesting is if we look at Oceania in this next image is that Australia commands over 82% of all Twitter traffic while New Zealand only registers a little under 17% of Oceania's tweets


Surprised? Yes I am a little. I thought that compared to Australia we would have been a little higher than that but I guess if you compare to population those stats do add up.