Journalists using Twitter up 25% from 2008

Journalists have probably been effected by Social Media more than any other industry. How we source, seed and share news and information has changed forever. Anyone can publish a story, share their opinion and build a reputation online, there credibility is merely the collective approval of enough people. More of us have a voice, have a chance to share our stories, be heard and influence but in order for those stories to cross over to traditional media we need the bridges that are journalists. It's nice to know they are listening

The Society for new communications research released this research earlier this year to analyze the impact of new media and communications tools on the way journalists work

Here are some key stats:

Three hundred forty one journalists participated in the survey. Top findings include:

* Nearly 70% of journalists surveyed are using social networking sites, a 28% increase since the results of the 2008 Survey of Media in the Wired World were released
* 48% are using Twitter or other microblogging sites and tools, a 25% increase since 2008
* 66% are reading blogs
* 48% are viewing videos online
* 25% are listening to podcasts
* Nearly 80% of journalists surveyed believe that bloggers have become important opinion-shapers in recent years
* 91% of journalists surveyed agree that new media and communications tools and technologies are enhancing journalism to some extent

"Social media is changing the profession. It has enhanced the dialog between audience and writer and expanded the scope of those who can participate in disseminating news."


Here is a great video discussing social media and journalism


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