Is Trendrr the Klout for TV?


Where social media and television intersect is possibly one of the most exciting discussions right now.

Twelevision is an exciting new application but specifically for the Australian Market right now.

So just how many people are talking about TV shows on social networks and what are they saying? Well they are two key problems that aims to solve.

" is a comprehensive television index that ranks shows by their activity across a variety of social networks. The purpose of the index is to better understand the tightly coupled two-screen synchronous social behavior taking place around television"

I think TV and Radio are the two most exciting industries to be working in right now if you're a social media expert. Both have fantastic integration opportunities and both are old school media undergoing significant changes.

Television stations can contact Trendrr to have their show included so it will be interesting to see how long it takes for NZ to register

This could well be a new form of measurement for TV shows to gauge their influence and popularity

What do you think about Trendrr?

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