Is negative Social Media still good?

Check out the Nestle Facebook page

The backlash coming from their 91k fans is amazing. And its not just petty "I hate Nestle" posts, there are some knowledgeable people commenting in the discussion.

Jaz Bp he main problem appears that when Palm Oil gets mixed in the supply chain it is hard to determine where it has truly orriginated from or what percentage from where. 

The Co-Operatives statement: ustainability/ecological-sustainability/biodiversity/palm-oil/

Obviously there are some huge PR and branding issues here that must be repaired before any sort of positive engagement can be created.

This is brand punishment, its hard to watch

How do you think Nestle should deal with this? They could comment but then that might start an avalanche of negative posts and the brand damage could become irreversible. Or is Nestle just so big that a forum with 91K members has no influence on their bottom line anyway.

I think I'd be inclined to pull this down and rethink the strategy. With no issue management program anything nestle do in the social space is going to get hammered by the looks of things.