Is it becoming Risky NOT to be on Twitter?

Its almost impossible now to control what people are saying about your brand online. Whether its true or not negative tweets, blog posts or facebook updates can spread like wildfire across the interweb causing waves of damage to the brand.

As we have seen with the Nestle facebook, getting it wrong quickly becomes a disaster. 

However we can look at the other side with IdeaStorm site, which lets consumers suggest enhancements and fixes to products. It enables a positive contribution 

You have to be proactive, take a leadership role and show people the right door to go through. I think what we have seen from Nestle is a naive and unplanned approach thats backfired terribly.  

After all there are plenty of negative posts about Dell's service and product quality if you search Google but the mere fact that they have enabled their customers to feedback and contribute constructively and acknowledged those contributions is vital to the brand value, opinion and general sentiment

So by not providing a clear way for your customers to engage with your brand or have a relationship with your key staff I believe you are at a far great risk of letting the dark side take over. That is the negative starts to outweigh the positive.

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What do you think? Has the tide turned now? Is it now more risky to NOT be on Twitter?