Really interesting insight into social media marketing


Every day we're learning more about how people interact with social media. Recently Marketing Sherpa created a graph that looks at the potential engagement versus the amount of time required to keep up. Comparing the level of effectiveness to the degree of difficulty to carry out, the graph above maps out which social marketing tactics have the biggest kick.

Blogger relations sits at the top. This takes the most work but offers the most rewards. Guest Blogger programs enable you source industry expertise and thought leadership content to publish on your blog, produce whitepapers or other co-created content. Guest bloggers are always going to share content they have been involved with, with their networks, it's great for SEO and offers the best content to your audience.

Guest Blogger programs need to be well organised. Topics scheduled well in advance so you can plan ahead with teaser campaigns. You could bring 3-4 Guest Bloggers together to discuss a particular topic or question in a webinar or Google Hangout. Check out for related discussion or post your question for industry experts around the world to comment and discuss. is also a great place to source potential guest bloggers and review their work.

Blogging in general occupies most of the middle ground. Whether you're writing a blog or using micro-blogging sites like Twitter and Facebook you won't get much success in isolation. You still need a plan and you still need to drive traffic from somewhere.

Blog posts should be conversation starters. The comments may not come on the blog but more when you share your post on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or other social networks. Ask questions, discuss the issues with thought leaders and industry experts referring back to your post.

SEO for social sites is high on the level of effectiveness but also high on the degree of difficulty. This surprises me as I would not consider Social SEO all that complicated. I've seen a lot of traction ensuring that all my blog posts and pages on the website are well tagged and categorized. I use hashtags and consistent key words across all social networks and use tools to help my tweets stay sticky like Twylah . Consistency is certainly key to good SEO for Social and of course having lots of great content.

So all in all a very interesting insight into social media marketing. Of course you can't do one without the others, each of these tactics has a role to play in the success of the other tactics but we get a clear idea of where to spend our time.