More than 140,000 tweets per day coming from New Zealand

tweet kiwi
I'm pulling data from Twitter to give some insights into the behaviour of New Zealand tweeters
I was really interested to gauge the volume of tweets coming from NZ. It's tricky at the best of times because not everyone completes their Twitter profile information like time zone, location etc. So without some serious number crunching I can only look at tweets posted by people who've listed themselves as being in the Wellington or Auckland time zones.
All insights are related to people who tweeted between the 10th and 21st March 2012 with Wellington  or Auckland as their time zone
Over the 12 days I recorded data, Thursday March 15th was the busiest day with more than 140,000 tweets posted.
  1. On average we found 26,500 twitter accounts posting each day
  2. Those accounts are tweeting on average 5,500 times per hour. That's upwards of 130,000 tweets per day
  3. On average NZ Tweeters have a Klout score between 35 and 40 (Global average is 20)
  4. The top 10 methods to post a tweet are;
    1. The web
    2. Twitter for iPhone
    3. Tweetdeck
    4. Twitter for Android
    5. TXT
    6. Echofon
    7. Mobile web
    8. Facebook
    9. Twitterfeed
    10. Favstar.FM
  5. The most active times of the day were 8-10am, 4-6pm and 8-10pm
  6. People listed under the Wellington time zone tweeted slightly more often than those in the Auckland Time zone


Pulling data from Twitter's search API; I exported and analysed all the tweets posted from users with Wellington or Auckland listed as their time zone in their Twitter Profile.

Time frame - 12 days  -  Saturday March 10th to Wednesday March 21st

Note: What of course we don't know is what proportion of all Tweets being posted from people in New Zealand this data reflects

I'll keep filtering and reviewing my data to see what else I can pull out that's interesting or different. Stay tuned ...