Ikea NZ Facebook Page Stats


Look this is a little project of mine that's turned into a rather interesting exercise.

Late last year I returned home from San Fran where a colleague had recently furnished much of their apartment with Ikea furniture. I soon realized that we did not have Ikea in NZ and after some research and wondering decided to create a Facebook Fan Page. Little did I know just how popular it would become, how active the members would be and just how passionate New Zealander's are about this brand.

Ikea are a Swedish flat pack furniture brand with stores around the world including Australia, who's franchise owners also have the rights for New Zealand. 

So far though various people and organisations have hindered their efforts to open in NZ, annoying and frustrating many fans of the page on Facebook

The bump in fans recently was as a result of Stuff.co.nz and Herald.co.nz articles

So here are the stats from the FB page so you can see the growth rates, engagement levels and demographics behind this group of people.

I'd love to get your comments on this


Just added!

In this weeks Facebook pages email update here is the following report of the IkeaNZ page

1,979 Monthly Active Users (+33.3% vs. last week)
5,742 total Fans (+3.9% vs. last week)
392 Wall Posts, Comments, and Likes this week (+119.0% vs. last week)
1,336 Page views this week (-35.0% vs. last week)