If they want to share, make it easy!

Social Media for Business.....WHY?

Because people like to share their experiences.

If it's a bad experience we tell people

If it's a good experience we tell people

If it's an average experience... probably not

Hopefully your business is geared and focused on delivering great experiences to every customer. 


So you have customers, they have great experiences, now they want to share that experience with their friends, family and probably their social network too.

So make it easy for them to do this. After all its promoting your business to their audience and if that message is shared further to 2nd and 3rd degree audiences as well.

The likes of Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare are all about encouraging people to share content about your business. 

Without social media word of mouth is exactly that, a physical exchange of thoughts and opinions. With Social Media your customers dont just tell 10 people they could be telling 1000's or more.

It costs nothing except for your time and effort. No other marketing tool can do that for you.


This is the key message I shared during a Social Media talk last week.

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