Ideas to action - Crowdsourced Flat Hunting #socialmedia

Last night I was on the bus on my way to Queen st in Auckland thinking about finding a new place for Jen and I to live. We need a bigger place as we have been working from home so we don't have much of a lounge anymore.

I keep asking my self "who can I ask to help find us a flat", find us a flat, FINDUSAFLAT! Thats it! #brainwave

I thought "I wonder if that domain is available?"

Being on the bus can be quite productive,....when you have an iPhone!

I opened and did a quick search for

It was available...I mean surely someone would have thought of that one, but no I was in luck!

I bought it and this afternoon in all of 60 min I had created a Posterous site and mapped the domain and posted up our Mission.

The idea is "Crowdsourced flat hunting". Whether you know of a friend or family member trying to find good tenants or a real estate agent looking for a little extra cash this site could become the ultimate flat hunters connector.

We have also bought and if the idea sticks I could be a project worth developing.

At this stage people who want to list their flat request you can just email and ill add you as a contributor so you can post up your details.

We are offering a $300 prize to the person who refers us to or finds us our next flat.

What do you think? Could this have legs? Guess it depends on our success with it to start with... Anyway would love to hear your thoughts