I 'Like' you Brand but not as a 'Friend'. #facebook #socialmedia

Businesses and Brands are supposed to represent themselves on Facebook with a Brand Page rather than a Personal Profile page like what you or I create for ourselves as individuals.

There are several good reasons for this;

  1. Businesses are not the same as people
  2. Brand pages allow you to use the FB advert system
  3. Brand pages have demographic and engagement stats that are very useful
  4. It's the rules and a profile page for your business is against Facebook's T&C
  5. You can't use the like button
  6. You can only have 5,000 friends on a profile but unlimited Fans on your business page.

I have been a fairly staunch campaigner for one reason or another on this and quite vocal on Twitter about it. Personally I can't understand the reason why you would not have a Brand Page for a business. Maybe it's the people managing these pages or the people advising them just don't understand HOW to use a Brand page to start with so personal profile pages are much easier and familiar for them to understand

Then over the last few days I chilled out and thought about it a little more.

Personally I 'like' brands but wont 'friend' them. I keeps brands at arm's length from my personal profile page and data.

I have seen an increase in profile pages being used instead of brand pages since the change from FAN to LIKE.

I also think that the invitation to become someones "friend" is much more powerful than just to 'like' them. Maybe the 'Friend Request' feature is used so much that people Trust its suggestions.

I have asked New Zealand's Facebook representative for some clarification on whether Facebook will actually do anything. If not, then perhaps we are seeing a change in user behavior, perhaps we are starting to see social media users becoming more comfortable for brands to snuggle a little closer to them online.

Perhaps Facebook will blindly look away when brands hijack personal profile pages just to have a few more friends...

I think this is a huge issue with significant ramifications for social media for business and brand's use of Facebook.

So that's my 2 pence worth. What do you think?