Hyper-Targeting and my predictions for 2012 #SM #Trends


In 2012 we'll see a market place widely adopting social networking and the maturing of the social media industry. We have critical mass now. In New Zealand with a population just over 4 million, more than 15% have created a Twitter account but perhaps only 5% are active users but more than 2 million have Facebook accounts.  As more marketers and business owners realise the potential to scale their share of voice, brand awareness and brand reach across social channels relatively inexpensively and efficiently more consumers will become active users to receive special offers, deals and invites to events.

In short increased business use of social channels will stimulate increased consumer use.

But as social media adoption increases so does the challenge to market your products and services to the right people cost effectively. Getting your content, your messaging in front of the right people at the right time brings me to my first prediction for 2012.

Hyper Targeting.

Hyper Targeting is the process of identifying very niche groups of people to advertise to. You might find just 100 people on LinkedIn that meet your criteria for position, location and job title for your software application. So you promote your whitepaper in a very focused way to only those people.

The tactic allows you to specifically customise and tailor your content to a niche audience, increasing relevancy and personalization.

Hyper Targeting also allows you to monitor and report on ROI, lead generation and conversion rates through your various goals or pathways.

And that leads on to my next prediction for 2012

Micro Analytics

So far I see most companies using a broad spectrum listen, engage, suggest and link back type strategy. It's a hit n hope strategy that I think people are fed up with. The beauty of social networks is the ability to use social search to identify a niche target audience and go direct. So with this comes micro campaigns. A company might be running multiple micro campaigns consecutively driving targeted traffic back to landing pages, webinar registration pages, competition apps etc. They are lead gen funnels, each with there own goals.

Micro Analytics measures each campaign, comparing metrics, like A/B split testing so you can easily determine what issues, content and channels were the most effective.

Content Marketing

With the two predictions above comes the demand for high quality, engaging content. Where and how brands share their stories and connect with their various audiences will determine the success of social/digital campaigns.

Companies across all sectors B2 and B2C will use a variety of content types in a multi channel social program to attract and engage customers and their friends.

Key content marketing metrics will be around the volume of consequential content that gets created as a result. Like blog posts, conversations, comments, retweets, shares and of course downloads or registrations.


Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, PR, Social Media teams are still largely working in silos in most companies. In 2012 I think people will finally realise that one cannot be successful without the other.

Customer service can't do its job without working with sales. Sales needs the help of the communications teams. And mobile can't live without marketing. You'll see these disciplines all work together, as if they're in a circle, and not in silos. Social Media teams will become truly cross functional, almost like an umbrella tapping into every aspect of the business .