How to Track Social Media with Google Analytics


If you want to start tracking social media traffic back to your website follow this basic set up guide to get started.

  • Open Google Analytics
  • Select 'view report' for the website you want to set up Social media traffic tracking for
  • In the left hand menu select "Traffic Sources"
  • Click the top right "Advanced Segments, All Visits" drop down
  • Click "Create a new Advanced Segment" option+
  • In the left hand side click "Traffic Sources" and drag the "Source" box over to the "Dimension or Metric" space
  • Change the 'Condition' to 'Contains' and add the Value for the social network you want to monitor.
  • Click "Add or Statement" and repeat the process for as many different social networks you need to monitor so it looks like this
  • Name the Segment and click 'Save'
  • Now go back to the 'Advanced Segments' menu and click the option for the Custom Segment you just created and click 'Apply'
  • Then your traffic graph should look like this, showing your total traffic and traffic sourced through social networks

So thats the very basics to tracking social media through google analytics. What you do with this informations and gathering advanced data is the next step. I suggest you seek professional advice to help you make the most of this information.