How to Retweet and Influence people #socialmedia

Retweets are the action of reposting someone else's status update on Twitter.

Usually this is done by adding RT or VIA before or after their tweet and posting that on your profile.

Retweeting helps people share your content, like they are passing on your message to their followers if they think its useful, funny or adds value in another way.


Retweets are also a great way to get noticed by someone who's not following you. And all their followers too.

Lets use an example. Your business has a Twitter list of people in your town you would like to follow you, you'd like to develop a better relationship with them. They are a target customer. 

Instead of just following them (and hoping they follow back) you add them to a List so you can Listen to what they are talking about and wait for an opportunity to engage.

One of these people tweets out a great quote, comment or thought. You like it so you retweet their post adding your own comment.

You then follow them. Hopefully, usually they will reply to your RT with a thanks or comment to you. The doors are now open, the introduction has been made and its now far far more likely that they will follow you back. You have a qualified, more meaningful connection.


A couple of other RT tips are to hold back on retweeting someones post straight away. This is especially useful if the person you are retweeting has similar followers to you, creating a double up post is less valuable than if you waited for a few hours to retweet it and you're also more likely to get more people clicking on that link. So use your Favorite feature to save those good tweets and retweet them a few hours later, it will benefit you both.

Try to add a comment to you RT's, your input adds value, clarity and relevance to your readers

Try not to retweet a message that @mentions you. It looks like self promotion. So if someone asks you a question there is no need to retweet that and add in your answer, you should just answer directly. Also if someone tweets a compliment @mentioning you try not to Retweet that, it's called vanity spam.


How else do you see Retweets being used?