How 'Shareable' is your content? 12 #socialmedia tips for you.

Viral is OUT, sharing is IN. 

So are you paying any attention to how 'sharable' your content really is?

Whether it's word of mouth, a 'Like' on Facebook, a Retweet on Twitter or share buttons on your website if you make it easy for people to share your content they will.

Here are 12 ideas you can implement today to make your content more sharable;

  • Add "Tweet this" buttons on your home page, pre-configured to announce they are on your website.
  • Add "Tweet this" buttons to your checkout page so people can share, (pre scripted) tweet what they are buying
  • Add Facebook LIKE buttons to your Home page and products in your shopping cart and articles in your blog
  • Add share links to all the major social networks and bookmarking sites to all your articles, blog posts etc
  • Use Video more often

  • Make sure your tweets are short to allow room for RT's
  • Use Facebook for debates and discussions aka "Sticky Conversations"
  • Encourage members of your community to share their own ideas, tips and advice
  • Put the right content on the right network. IE. Company updates on Linkedin, Product or industry discussions on Facebook and chatty stuff and random competitions on Twitter
  • Use to hold weekly industry or topic related discussions with people around the world
  • Put a "TwitPic This?" Sticker on your Mirrors by the changing rooms in your shop with your @Name
  • Add Point of Sale signage and encourage your staff to talk about social media with customers

What other ideas has your business implemented to make it easier for people to share your content on and offline.