How intelligent is your Social Media?

I'm sitting at the Steersons Steakhouse on Sydney's Kings St Wharf after a very interesting and insightful afternoon. After checking in to my hotel room, I started asking a few questions and mulling over a few conversations I've been having with myself for the last couple of weeks.

How intelligent is our use of social media? How intelligent is my social media? If we are failing to make the right connections and nurture the right relationships how will that impact the destiny of our businesses in 3 months, or two years.

We are on the verge of social media dramatically changing the world, how we interact and how we do business. Social media is a young channel, we're all still learning what we can do with it and every day we push the boundaries.

I say 'on the verge' because I believe social networks are in version 1.2. Data is owned and only shared for a price. Conversation data needs to be more open, people will demand it becomes more open as the power of conversations increasingly influence personal as well as brand networks.

Knowledge is power, the power of influence. If you can influence you can build trust, generate interest in your business and sell more.

So what are you influencing people to do? Follow you? Talk to you? Visit your website and comment on a blog post? Is that growing your business?

I think many people are broadcasting their opinions, thoughts and ideas with little thought to how that message might contribute to their goals.

If you're a company or brand using Twitter and you're not generating new business you're doing something wrong, or perhaps not using it as well as you could be.

Opportunities are being lost and that could cost your business...dearly.

For a business:

Conversations hold immense amounts of information about what your customers and fans are saying about you, their feelings/sentiment, questions and referrals. And the connections they have with others talking about you.

But are you really listening, researching, analyzing. And if you are, how are you acting on that knowledge, what are you doing with it?

For individuals:

What does your BIO say? Many social media listening and analytics platforms look for keywords in your bio to learn about who you are, to identify which community you associate with.

Companies listening and researching conversations are looking for influencers to engage. If you're a blogger state that in your bio, if you are a Ferrari fan state that too, it will make it much easier for brands to identify your clout and your potential value to them.

Brands and individuals are looking for people that share a common interest. People follow people because their bio indicates they are passionate about the same topic. People follow people to share conversations and information about the same things they are interested in. Hence the power and influence your bio has.

Do not underestimate the power of your bio.

If you're a business or a brand using social media you have one goal. To grow an audience of people who are or could be your customer. Businesses don't do anything unless the result is increased brand exposure and more sales. And already social media has proven to be a cost effective and powerful channel for this.

A social media strategy is the result of understanding what you want to accomplish and who you need to engage to make that happen.

Knowledge is power, the power to influence...

I hope this post challenges you, makes you think about what you are doing now and what you could be doing if you were analyzing the data of conversations around your brand and tapping into those opportunities.