GooglePlus iPhone app


The GooglePlus iPhone app is out! Search the APP store for "Google Huddle" to find it

Add me to your GooglePlus Circles


When you open your 'Stream' you can swipe left or right to find content that are Incoming, from your circles or from people nearby your location.

The Tick at the top right of the screen is your checkin function thats mapped to Google Places

Even more reason to make sure your business as a Google Places location.

I like GooglePlus for several reasons

  • It feels light and easy to use compared to Facebook
  • It combines the best of Twitter and Facebook
  • It's going to integrate the full Google suite of apps and make them all far more useful, for individuals and businesses.
  • Its darn easy to track keywords and topics using 'Sparks' just like you do with saved searches on Twitter
It's a bit odd that this is on FB as that would be the first network I'd cut from my agenda.
Twitter, Blog, Linkedin and GooglePlus would be my option and even that is pushing my limits
What do you think?