@Giapo Ice Cream Challenge

Today the final New Zealand Tweet-up for 2009 was held at Giapo on Queen St

During the meetup @BrianHolland and @HamishCR decided to see how many tastes of Ice Cream Hamish could eat in 60 Seconds. 
At that very special moment some Giapo Fans created what could become a very fun, very viral campaign.  I believe fan generated content is is 1000% more powerful than any other promotion you run, its unbiased, peer supported and impartial. It shows people having fun with your brand and enjoying the experience. In fact it shows people who feel so attached to your brand they feel confident enough to engage at the highest level. This is not like word of mouth, oh no this is a rich media personal endorsement that will probably reach 1000's of people over the next few years, its timeless promotion.

The gauntlet is set, the challenge has been laid down.. "How many flavors of Ice Cream can you taste in 60 seconds?"

Check out the four contestants right here: