5 tricks to get more retweets

While the tweet length, format and timing are all good things to get right to give your tweets the best chance of being shared there are a few additional tips I'd consider too.

  1.  Your tweet should ask a question, highlight a key point of the article and be short and snappy. Adding your own thought, comment or twist to the copy will increase the chances of connecting [being more relevant] with your followers
  2. Asking for retweets is a bit needy in my book. If what you're sharing is interesting people will naturally share it with their followers. However research does show asking for RT's does improve results.
  3. Learn what times of the day/week your followers are most active on Twitter. Sproutsocial with 'Viralpost', Crowdbooster , Tweriod are all apps that can help you work out the optimum times to Tweet.
  4. Spread your tweets out. Use BufferApp or schedule your tweets out sharing interesting content throughout the day so your followers aren't bombarded with multiple tweets at once.
  5. Everyone is different. While these stats and insights are good, you should review your own Twitter account, activity etc to learn and refine your own posting schedule to get the best results.
The Art of Getting Retweets

Courtesy of: Quick Sprout