@FordNZ and the 'Face to Facebook' TVC


Sunday afternoon, watching TV and a new advert for Ford played. (I don't know when it first played) The advert is about one of the Ford Territory Engineers who visits all her Facebook Friends on one tank of gas.

Fantastic - this is one of the first TV adverts that has made the Facebook connection in a smart way. They're not just saying "Like us on Facebook" they are being clever. But one would expect that making this Facebook connection is their effort to get people to 'Like' the Ford NZ Facebook page and perhaps engage with them online...

So I jumped on the computer to watch the TVC again and share on Twitter;  but it's not that easy to find. In fact Ford NZ's use of Social Media is pretty poor. Lets take a look;

The Ford NZ YouTube page

Has not been updated in 9 months, is not branded and perhaps is not even an official page...


I could not find anything official looking for Ford NZ on Twitter. Actually the @FordNZ Twitter account did not exist until I created it this evening. Ford NZ had not registered their own Twitter account. From an IP protection and from a PR Risk Management perspective that's pretty risky.

Ford is a massive brand on and offline and one of the world leaders in Social Media Marketing. Just check out Scott Monty; so you can't tell me Ford as a brand doesn't know a thing or two about Social Media Management

The Ford Facebook Page

The main Ford NZ Facebook page has a spam post that's 16 hours old. So it's pretty obvious that it's not getting much love

And the most recent post or any activity for that matter from Ford was on the 22nd June, that's 4 days ago

But where's the Facebook Welcome Tab or TVC landing tab? Even the Ford Deals Tab only has an image, no interaction or 'deal' at all

In fact the only place you can watch the TVC is on the Ford NZ Website. There are basic share options and a Facebook Like button.

Perhaps the strategy here was to ensure that all the video attention was located on the corporate website. Hey, that's easier to track and report on but not much good for increasing your social reach. And to completely ignore the Twitter population seems like Ford is playing shy, or naive.


Imagine this.

Jess Riseley who is the Ford Engineer in the advert could have been actively Tweeting and Facebooking, while the TVC is running to personalize the connections the brand makes with each person.

You might be able to win a Territory test drive, perhaps with Jess. Maybe you could have won a new Ford Territory for a weekend, now that would be a fantastic experience and a great way to engage some social influencers.

Perhaps you could have asked Jess some questions about the car, or what she did on her "Face to Facebook" trip.... Perhaps Ford could have run a competition getting you to track how long you can drive on one tank of gas and how many Facebook friends you met along the way. I'm sure we could have developed an app for that.

There is a certain amount of Trust that Ford are trying to generate in this advert by using an Engineer but they've failed to capitalize on this with an extended social engagement campaign.

The strong use of and association with the most popular social network in New Zealand should correlate into a much broader multi-channel conversation. Unfortunately this didn't happen and the opportunity to add huge value to an expensive TVC campaign is gone. A massive opportunity to start a rich, ongoing, engaging dialog with Ford fans in NZ has been lost.

Ford you made a TC advert on the back of Facebook, but where's the engagement?

The @FordNZ Twitter account has been handed over to the advertising agency