Want more followers? Think RootBlast!



When people start talking about wanting more followers my answer is simply;

Be more interesting to more people


Think about plant root structures for a moment. The featured image shows two plants, one has been given RootBlast and one hasn't.

A vertical Twitter profile is someone who's focused on one or two key topics, their sphere of interest is narrow but strong. However that narrow approach is only ever going to be interesting to a certain group of people. They might gain a lot of followers after time but it will take a while to establish their position as a thought leader in that space.

A Fibrous root system, on the left in the picture above shows many more threads covering a much greater area. Above the ground things grow much faster. (Think RootBlast) It's a horizontal structure. You have more aspects to your life, interests, topics that you love and are knowledgeable about than you are probably talking about or engaging people in on Twitter. To expand your follower base simply engage in a greater variety of conversations with more people more often. Some threads will grow stronger than others, but that's the same in real life too.

So if you're looking to gain more followers, just expand your horizons, share more about yourself and connect with new people talking about similar topics. Foster and nurture those connections every day and I assure you your follower numbers will increase and so will the value of your personal network.

Be useful, interesting, relevant to more people more often.

Ad some fertilizer (AKA. Good Content) to your social engagement across more threads of conversations and watch the results grow.