Focus on many light weight interactions for better engagement


Relationships grow and develop through lots and lots of small conversations, events or meetings.  Over time we establish common interests, connection points that formulate that basis of the relationship. It's the repeated confirmation of common interests and interactions that adds strength and substance to the relationship. We also know people build relationships with brands in the same way they do with each other.

This is why your timeline is so important to your social strategy. Big immersive applications designed to keep people engaged for 5, 10, 20 minutes are a waste of time. People just don't operate like that, their attention will be elsewhere in a flash. You're better off turning all that content into 10, 20, 50 small interactions that tell your stories and connect people to conversations regularly over a period of time.

Thinking about many light weight interactions means you also need to focus on talking rather than sharing. This might change the way you report on social media activity. Sharing is not as natural for people as talking. But it's these many light weight interactions that add meaning and value to relationships more than the act of sharing does.

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