Fobbed off at the door for being a bloke!

So I've been pondering this situation that we experienced last night while bar hopping in Auckland and decided its worthy of a post and some debate.

We (a group of 6 guys) were enjoying cruising around a few bars for a mates birthday. We're not louts, rugby nuts or brawling hooligans, but respectable people with cash to spend on a good night out.

After the party at the Longroom Bar we went down to the Ponsonby Social Club and were greeted at the door by two burly bouncers who calmly said "Sorry guys there's already lots of guys inside, either get some girls or go elsewhere". My jaw dropped! Sexist discrimination based on whom was already in the bar. As if I have any control over that. What a joke. Girls don't buy drinks, they get the guys to. Bars want to make money...right?

Anyway I stood back, cracked a few jokes with the bouncer and sent a tweet, the bouncer saw the messages I was writing and let us all in. AND he was full of codswallup, there were plent of women enjoying themselves, it was hardly a mens club.

So we moved on to the Flight Lounge and were politely told the same thing, "Sorry guys, we'll only let you in if you have a couple of girls with you". I mean, I almost thought about just walking up the road to ask a few stragglers to come in with us and then thought better of it. Hell if they don't want our business we'll happily go somewhere that does

So is this fair, reasonable or just a bouncer "trick of the trade" to manage the room?

I think its a disgraceful case of arrogance and discrimination. I'll still go to those bars but I'm certainly going to tell the owners what I think. 

If you are a bar owner and you're not getting enough ladies to the bar, thats your problem not mine. And don't fob me off because of your own inadequate marketing and promotions.