Flat hunting and Estate Agent fees

We have been flat hunting for 2 months now. At first there were plenty of places available but 40 people waiting to view. 

Now there are much fewer properties on the market, but we are still looking.

We're rather picky! And one thing that I refuse to pay is Real Estate Agent fees on rentals. Usually this amounts to one weeks rent plus gst, around the $410 mark.

Now I'd be happy to pay this if the Agent actually did any work for us apart from filling out forms. If you the Agent work to find me the place, you'd be saving me time and effort, thus earning your fee. But when most of your time to that property is showing other people around, why should we have to cop the bill? Surly the landlord should be paying the Agent for finding the tenants... Just seems all the wrong way round to me

Thus we may have no choice but believe me I'll be challenging it before I decide to pay anything.

Do you think this is fair or just standard practice?