"Find Us on Facebook" is ineffective


Many businesses and brands simply add "Find Us on Facebook" or the Facebook logo to their advertisements which is not helping them connect with the fans searching for them In this article the problems with Facebook's search function is well and truly highlighted.

“I’d say Facebook search is broken, but it was never working right to begin with,” said Berkowtiz.

Ian Schafer, CEO of digital agency Deep Focus, said that official brand pages not always popping in Facebook search results is a “definite issue” and “one of the primary causes” for unofficial pages garnering fan numbers akin to those of a brand’s official page. Brands can flag or report to Facebook community pages that are improperly cluttering up the site, but that can potentially blow up in their faces, said Schafer. For example, complaining could subject a brand to a social media firestorm similar to what has happened in the past when companies have elected  to delete unfavorable consumer comments from their Facebook pages.

Brand and Social Media managers should ensure their Facebook Vanity URL's are displayed instead making it super easy for potential fans to find and like the correct page.

The last thing you'd want is for a rogue page to be collecting comments or complaints about your business when you're not listening there or have appropriate access to respond.