Your Facebook page is probably breaching the Terms and Conditions


Facebook does not want you to be social. Except on Facebook

As of the 27th of July custom tabs and apps within Facebook are no longer allowed to share or display or link to any other social network

“I.11. Apps on Facebook may not integrate, link to, promote, distribute, or redirect to any app on any other competing social platform.” Platform Policies

This means that if your Custom Facebook Tab is running a Twitter feed, showing a YouTube Video you are now in breach of Facebook's terms and conditions. I'm assuming that Facebook consider Twitter and perhaps YouTube as competitors.

This is game changing and might be a deal breaker for many businesses, organisations and people.

I have a handful of Facebook pages I've been developing Facebook Tabs for - They are now ALL in breach of Facebook's Rules. The whole logic and reason behind using Facebook in this way has now changed.

Instead of using Facebook as a website, community portal, engagement channel you'll now have to create your own custom webpage

This is anti-competitive, anti-useful and will force every business and Facebook developer to reconsider strategies, campaigns, games and perhaps whether or not to continue using the platform altogether.

Bring on Google Brand Pages and FAST - A mass exodus awaits you Facebook!