A quick Facebook Sponsored Results Report


Facebook's newest advert feature is Sponsored Results. Essentially when someone searches for a Brand's Facebook page or a keyword your advert can appear in the results.

So if I searched Facebook for Nike an Adidas advert could show trying to deflect my attention to their special offer or content etc.

New Zealand has just 2.4 million Facebook users, about 50% of the population.

Do note, this is a new feature, just a few weeks old so not many advertisers are using it yet [although that's going to change pretty quickly now], and of course users haven't really started using Facebook as a search tool [stuff generally finds you]. So the target audience is very small, but as you will see the results we've received are hugely encouraging and rather impressive. Sorry but at this stage I cannot disclose which brand the advert was promoting.

Here are the details of the experiment and the results.

Built with the Facebook power editor application you have a few sections to complete to target and refine your advert

The Location and Demographics tab is where you build your audience by selecting Facebook Pages and keywords. People will see your advert when they search for those keywords or page names in the top search bar. Collective these Brand pages have millions and millions of fans but the target audience is very small. Hopefully this will grow as Facebook search becomes more popular.


I've been running this advert for 6 days and played with the audience targeting a few times.


After just 6 days running the Sponsored Results advert we've reached 60% of our target audience.

The CTR performance is super interesting.

 The desktop category, which includes news feed ads and the ads on the right-hand side, saw the lowest CTR at 0.08 percent. The mobile news feed, by contrast, saw an average CTR of 1.14 percent. source

One could assume that people on mobile devices are more likely to be using the search feature on Facebook as they are out and about looking to add businesses or brands on-the-go.

Paying $1.28USD for 147 clicks is not a bad result at all. It will be interesting to see how this performance changes over the next few weeks and months. Stay tuned for the review/update.

The clickthrough rates ranged from 0.7 percent to 4.1 percent. Leathern says that on the low-end, the campaigns performed at least 10x better than normal Facebook Marketplace ads. Over time, those numbers will “normalize” and go down, but he says they’re still “very promising.” source


How does Sponsored Results compare to Twitter's Promoted Tweets

Twitter engagement rate measured Click Through Rate on Promoted Accounts whereas the Facebook CTR was for news-feed ads. A more comparable product for Twitter would have been Promoted Tweets, which typically see 1 percent to 3 percent engagement rates on desktop and even higher on mobile. source


Other highlights from a recent Facebook report include:

  • Sponsored Stories continue to perform better than standard Facebook Ads: Analysis of 13.8 billion impressions in the first and second quarters of 2012 shows Sponsored Story ads receiving 53 percent higher CTR than standard ads. Cost per fan also saw major improvements with 39 percent savings.
  • CTR by Sector Sees shakeup in rankings: Entertainment has dropped three places since the first quarter of 2012 to make room for Health, Pets & Animals, and Not for Profit. Health is a regular in the top five but Not for Profit has jumped four places and Pets & Animals is a new entry.
  • Jobs & Education sector now generates highest CPC: Jobs & Education has jumped four places to hit the top spot with an average CPC of $1.42, pushing Finance and Retail both down one place. Games and Computers & Electronics have switched places taking position four and five, respectively. source


Have you started using Sponsored Results ads? Be great to hear your thoughts on the new feature