Facebook Questions are good for business

On March 24 Facebook rolled out their new Questions tool. It works like a recommendation engine but it's a much more elegant way to engage in crowdsourced research, and its tied to your Facebook page.

To get Questions actived for your business page, login and open your page. Then select "Use Facebook as....yourbrand". Then open http://facebook.com/questions

Click the button "Get Questions now" and it will be enabled


Create your question with answer options and 'Ask Question' and you'll post the question to your Business Facebook page wall

Grabone.co.nz launched one today which is a good example. 


For brands nurturing community through their Facebook page the new Questions tool will be a much more useful than Quora.com or Focus.com to run polls and feedback surveys, as it maintains all the activity in the same place. 

Will you use Facebook Questions for your business page?

Have you seen any other great examples of how businesses and brans are utilizing this new feature? Let me know