Facebook Polls - Two Tactics - Two Different Results


Asking questions on Facebook is a classic engagement tactic. It's widely used and very successful. And yet there are two very different approaches to polling your audience for their opinion on something.

The first option is to ask a simple question like this example from Supre

The newest option is Facebook Questions


Two tactics two very different results.

On one hand the Facebook Questions makes getting a response super easy. It's a one click vote and you can add your own options. But once you have voted that's pretty much the end of the engagement.

On the other hand the Supre example posts a couple of pictures and simply asks people to comment with their preference 1, 2 or 3. This option generates 100's of comments and likes. Fans not only comment with their vote but write why they like that option and other comments. So the engagement is richer and more rewarding for the brand and it's fans. You can click the pictures to go through to the actual wall post to see the comments ect

Obviously both tactics have their place but if your strategy is to drive as much engagement and interaction as possible I'd be following the Supre example


Just to compare apples with apples, Supre ran a Facebook Questions poll and as you can see there were only a  few comments BUT almost 10k people voted. In this case this was the right choice and this poll would have been trending at the top of their almost 350k fan's walls for a while.

Have you seen any other great examples of how brands have created high engagement using questions?

Love to hear your comments