Where is Facebook growing the fastest? #stats


Facebook is still growing. You've heard the saying "If Facebook was a country it would be the 3rd largest in the world" But where in the world is it growing the most? Take a look at Social Bakers; if you're another social stats nutter like me you'll probably find a day or two disappears pretty quickly.

I sorted this list based on the % change in Facebook accounts within the last month.

Brazil gained more than twice as many new Facebook accounts than any other country.

On the flip side the United States lost 1.1 million Facebook profiles

(Click the image to visit the report on SocialBakers)


So where does New Zealand feature in this list?

In the last month NZ gained just over 7,000 new Facebook profiles to reach 2,151,820 or 51.7% of our population.


While we're at this; Which countries have the highest percentage of their populations registered with Facebook?

New Zealand is the 20th most Facebook loving country. Here is the top 30 countries for you, click through if you want to dig deeper.

Only two places stand out. Monaco and the Falkland Islands with more than 80% of their population on Facebook. Not that they are very big populations but just imagine when the rest of the world is like that...