Money can't buy you friends but your enduring love will create fans for life.

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Buzz Campaigns: Creating hype or a spike in activity for a short period of time. Commonly seen as a Facebook competition partnered with Facebook aderts and perhaps above the line promotions.


  • Spike in fans acquisition
  • Increase in subscriber base
  • Short term increase in social shares
  • Short term increase in brand mentions

Buzz campaigns make marketers feel good. But after the fist pumping with the sudden surge in new Facebook fans  the number of people engaging with the Brand Page drops to next to nothing.

Marketers are creating a false sense of achievement, focusing companies attention on meaningless KPI's.

Buzz is fickle, short term gratification. It adds little value to the business in the long term.

You can't build rewarding relationships with new friends if you're only occasionally connecting, being useful or interesting.

On Facebook fans typically receive your content in their news feed, not by visiting your Facebook page or one of your beautifully designed tabs.

Gaining, keeping and engaging your fans requires consistent useful and interesting content.

And now with the new Facebook timeline design to Facebook pages it's vital you have a well thought out content plan that over time tells a story, nurtures customers and fans and creates multiple opportunities for customers to buy, download, share or otherwise participate in your products, services or content.

With the new timeline design you should realign your Facebook program to focus on great content.

  • Cover Photos: Should tell a story. Do not include 'like us' icons, promotions, adverts, contact information, don't ask for likes or shares.
  • Welcome Pages: Or landing tabs are gone. You now cannot stipulate which Facebook tab people will land on if they don't already like your page. They will always land on your Timeline/Wall.
  • You can now PIN posts you or your fans have made to the top of your timeline
  • Direct Messages: brands are limited to two messages to individual users for each message they receive. Using these as adverts is not going to win you any friends or credibility. Use them wisely to foster and build your community

Think more about how you can create conversations. If you are going to run competitions make sure you ignite conversations and engage those new fans so the money you spend on that campaign continues to add value well into the future.

Money can't buy you friends but your enduring love will create fans for life.