Facebook for Business 101 // Day 20 - the 21 Day #lightbulb Challenge

How many businesses, organisations or charities have you seen pop up in your Facebook Friend Requests recently? Too many right; and it's getting worse. 

Just to give you an example here are a few New Zealand businesses with Facebook Profile pages instead of proper business fan pages

Nelson Blue - Bar and Grill

Whangarei I-Site Visitor Center


Creative Minds NZ

Snowco NZ

Te Karere Ipurangi

NZ Fashion Festival


NZ Web Guide

Youthlaw NZ

NZ Book Month


X BaseNZ

InspireFilms NZ

Facebook's rules say "Profiles represent individuals and must be held under an individual name, while (Fan/Like) Pages allow an organization, business, celebrity, or band to maintain a professional presence on Facebook."

Every business or organisation with a Facebook Personal Profile Page is running the risk of losing all their work, a vital part of their social community given this rule. So please if your business is in this basket please change now. Facebook is a powerful tool for B2C and B2B companies alike so doing this properly is vital to your ongoing success at socialising your business.


1 reason why you should not have a profile page for a business

Answer: Privacy issues. Being someones friend usually allows you more access to their personal information which could be inappropriate for a company to be exposed to (given that 'normally' one would only be expecting to share that info with people they actually know, not a faceless brand). Also people are less likely to Add a business as a Friend but they will FAN or LIKE them because that is the desired and familiar behavior of Facebook users

1 reason why you should have a Fan Page for your business

Answer: You get engagement metrics and demographic data to help you hone your content and conversations to create a more engaging experience. Also it meets Facebook's T&C's so it's pretty important


I totally understand why people chose personal profiles fro business accounts but it seems nuts running the risk when doing it properly is as simple as starting it right from the start.

I'f you have any questions please ask, I'll be pleased to get you on the right path forward.