Evaluating the @NZHerald's Top NZ Tweeters List


Over the last few days the New Zealand Herald has published their NZ Twitter top 50 list Part one

Part two

People choice

We all love lists and scores so whether it's Klout, PeerIndex or the Herald's own you're sure to find 100's of eyeballs scanning over who's on it and who's not.

What I'm interested in is whether being 'On the list' helps you grow your audience... ie. do you get any new followers?

I have created a public PeopleBrowsr dashboard so you can track all the people added to the NZHerald Lists to date http://nzheraldlist.peoplebrowsr.com/va

So I've added up how many new followers everyone included in one of the NZHerald Tweeter lists has gained over the last 4 days.

85% of people on the list did gain more new followers in the last few days than they had been gaining over the previous 4 days or more. So the profile in the NZHerald was positive for those people. Perhaps this would be a weekly feature? What do you think? It seems like a great way to give top tweeters profile to a wider audience.

High touch to the NZHerald #imagecredit