Empire Avenue

Empire Avenue is the hottest new social media platform. It's part game, part social network, part personal influence tracking, part recommendation engine. Empire Avenue creates a stock exchange to virtually monetize your personal influence.

Caveat: My experience is very short so this is a summary of my thoughts and experience so far - your comments are much appreciated

To start with it looks at your personal networks and generates and base influence ranking

Then you invest in people you value and generate a return on that investment.

When you look to invest think about:

  • How active that person is on multiple networks - the more active and engaged the better
  • Who else is investing in them


What I am interested in is how do you use Empire Avenue to build influence on your other social networks

If you're a brand you could identify the key influencers for your product and invest in them. You'll make yourself known to them and by showing your support build awareness and reputation with them.  Of course you must also engage in multi-platform conversations to nurture your relationships.

By generating interest in your Empire Avenue network you'll see traffic back to your other social networks and connect with a new group of people.


One revenue stream that is clear already is that you can buy credits. For $5USD you can buy 6,000 Eaves. So essentially you could manufacture influence by targeting the right people/stocks and investing wisely and engaging proactively with those people.


I will continue to explore Empire Avenue and watch with eager eyes as it develops

What are your thoughts on Empire Avenue? Leave a comment with your EA Link and I'll consider investing in you. If you would like to invest in me check me out here