Don't forget about networking


Social Media used to be about networking. Yes networking. In all the fun and games social media marketers seem to have lost the art of networking.  Networking is a talent, it's a different skill set to being 'engaging'.

Active networking is a little more assertive, proactive and focused on growing a larger audience and discovering who's out there and passionate about your brand.

But if there is one factor I consistently feel is letting social media campaigns down is the lack of networking used to gain momentum and extend the reach.

When it would help if a few of your followers retweeted or shared a post, networking in advance could significantly increase the RT rates and get people engaging kick starting your campaign or competition. It could be the difference between 200 followers or 20,000. But I'm not talking about just finding the 100 most popular Tweeters and giving them some vouchers. Find the 10 or 20 people most vocal about your brand, sure reward them but bring them into the fold and let them help execute the campaign.

Networking is about building an active community. It's about helping others achieve their goals so they'll help you achieve yours. And it's about participation and inclusion, people like to feel involved or specially selected for the task. Let people in on the secret, help you deliver a get the idea.