Do you 'like' your customers?

The new Facebook feature allows you to 'Like' pages as your brand rather than yourself

Simply go to your business Facebook page and under the Admin section on the right hand side you'll see "Use Facebook as 'your brand'"

So your brand can now 'like' your customers Facebook pages and other organisations your business supports.

Choosing "Use Facebook as 'your brand'" also opens up the "Recommended Pages" section in the right hand column. So you can see how many of your Facebook Fans like other popular pages or brands


This gives you amazing insights on topics you could talk about to increase the number of conversations and engegement on your page. For instance if you saw that 500 of your fans also liked TED videos you might share topical or amazing TED videos and ask a question to about it. Seeing as you already know 500 people who like you also like TED Videos you can assume a higher level of engagement and connection with your audience. 

Nice feature aye! Have you used this feature in another way? We'd love to hear about your experience