Do "Tweet-This" competitions actually work?

Everyday we see another competition on Twitter where brands are giving away an iPad to people who post a promotional tweet. However hashtag based comps get hyjacked. Two I have researched recently showed very low results in terms of new followers and high follow/unfollow rates in order to participate. Is this unwanted noise or actually a useful lead generation tactic on Twitter?

I asked this question on  and received some great replies. One from Mindtouch highlighted their case study and how it can go pear-shapped very quickly.

The discussion on Quora is here

The Mindtouch story is here

Other examples of hashtag hyjacking are #mademesmile from Vodafone -

So if you are going to run a Twitter Comp consider this:

  • Keep it short - a few hours to 1 day at most
  • Dont publish an unmoderated twitter stream of the hashtagged tweets on your website
  • Keep it all on Twitter rather than cross platform
  • Make whatever people have to retweet funny or variable so people dont see the same thing over and over and over

If you have any more Twitter comp tips or advice please leave a comment