Social Media integration does not match social channel investment

I'm constantly bemused with the level of disconnect between how much time and effort brands invest in developing social channels and how well those channels are integrated across the rest of their digital and offline presence. If you develop social channels, why would you not want to encourage people to visit those sites and Like or Follow or subscribe to hear and share more from you more often.

Brands still place tiny Social Network links at the bottom of their websites, almost hiding the fact they exist.

Customer service responses are only made during business hours when social media staff are on duty rather than answering them when the customer is in 'consideration time' and actively thinking about doing business with you.

Brands post pictures to their Facebook page of events they have sponsored but none of the event signage or branding connects participants back to that social activity or encourages them to share their experiences and connect with other participants.

When so much time is invested in social and yet the website [And above the line media] which probably gets the most initial traffic/attention has little to no social connection points, dosent that seem a little odd?