Director of Conversations - Get people talking


I've seen many different job titles for community managers or social media managers over the last year but there is one that strikes a cord with me.

Whether it's personal or for a business engaging through social networks is about conversations. You're either responding to or igniting conversations with people passionate about your products or services, your industry or just what you're up to. Those conversations are opportunities to build relationships, earn trust, clout and respect. 

A good community manager is a pro networker too. They make connections, introduce people and share insights which stimulate conversations.

Your job is to get people talking. Whether you're creating whitepapers, blog posts, interviews, surveys, asking questions on or, running LinkedIn groups, syndicating your blog across new networks or directories, sharing through Digg or Reddit or participating in Twitter Chats like #custserv you're nurturing conversations.

As the Director of Conversations (DoC) I feel your role has impact on and offline. Is this the new age Marketing Manager? Not sure; but conversations are created with traditional marketing as well as social and the DoC would ensure those are well integration.

What are your thoughts on a Director of Conversations? Like it? or just another gimmic title


Image Credit: From Conversation Agent which perhaps is the new name for your support staff...