The Father of Video Games turns 90, buy beer with a tweet and what's buzzing at SXSW

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Father of the Game Console turns 90

Inventor Portrait: Ralph Baer from David Friedman on Vimeo.

Ralph Baer, the man who invented the video game console, turned 90 last week. The console itself is 40 this year. Here’s a short interview with the inventor in his own home, where he’s still tinkering to this day. At one point he discusses why he doesn’t retire, and says"It's like I'm basically an artist. I'm no different from a painter who sits there and loves what he does...." An interesting take on creating from a digital pioneer. This video snapshot is part of an ongoing series portraits of contemporary inventors by Photographer David Friedman. Well worth the watch!

Food Food amazing food….but not a Foodspotter in sight!

With celeb chefs like Gordon Ramsay and Jaime Oliver visiting New Zealand and heading home raving about New Zealand dining, it got me thinking about what’s missing in our food culture. What struck me as missing in the dining scene here is the socialisation of it all. And to me - it seems the lack of an active, social layer connecting people who love food with the best places to eat  here. In Auckland, especially I feel this kind of lets us down not only on an international front - but on a local front as well. There are so many great places to be discovered, dishes waiting  to be devoured. Why not build that social layer so more food lovers can discover and share our great food? Enter, Foodspotting.

FoodSpotting is like a blend between foursquare and instagram for food. You can visit a restaurant and record your dish by taking a photo of it.  It has been a hit in places like New York and San Fran but doesn’t seem to have taken off on our shores - yet.

Thing is, it’s available and with so many more smartphones out there than ever before it’s crazy it hasn’t been used much yet. There’s a huge opportunity waiting to be tapped into. Maybe foodies and owners just need a little encouragement? Download the app now and get out there exploring the amazing dining scene that we have. There’s truly an opportunity there waiting to be eaten. Just make sure you take a picture before tucking in so we can see just how good it was.


Nike picks a new Path

A socialised fitness element is now integrated into the ‘smart journal’ social networking app, Path, now they’ve started running with Nike + app. The coolest feature is that while you’re out treading the pavements (and recording every step of your course) your friends can log in and cheer you on, pinging a welcome sound right to your ears.Cool huh? We think motivation has never been more social. Read more about that over on the official path blog here:


The Buzz from South by South West:


The hottest, booziest gathering of nerds in the world is happening right now at SXSW interactive 2012 . They’re gathering to attend conferences, drink beer talk about nerdy things happening in digital space like “Social TV” and “Beautifying the web.” Find out more about what the top 5 most talked about things are at this year’s event here:


Did someone say Beer?


Now, I don't know about you but I've been waiting for a while for someone to tweet me something of value. Now, through the magic of twitter you can buy someone a beer with a tweet. Hint Hint. connects your Twitter and PayPal accounts together via a clever little site called Chirpify. This is a social payment platform that operates through twitter. As this psfk article mentions the app was developed by agencies tenfour and Waggener Edstrom from Portland, Oregon and even allows you to personalise your offering with a message. You can also choose to add a venue and a date to meet up for that drink. It's a clever idea and we just can't wait to try it out.

Check the site out here:

Why the New Facebook changes won’t make your ads more effective.

Recent changes to Facebook like timeline mean that brands and companies are more responsible than ever before for the success or failure of their campaign. Just being on facebook is no longer enough! If it ever was. The social network is going out of its way to make marketers connect with users more than ever before. Are you ready to change the way you think about the future of social branding?

Read more over on the blog, Creativity Unbound here:

First ever Facebook Studio Awards announced:


Facebook Studio awards were announced recently and the case studies are all available to view in video format online. Take a look at the winners of the very first 2012 Facebook studio awards here:  One of our favourites? The Serenading Unicorn by EVB for Wrigleys, who chose to spend their entire advertising budget online in 2011. Submissions for The 2013 awards are already open, and everything submitted to the Facebook studio gallery will also be entered into the awards next year.

Is social CRM on the top of your list?

Facebook Timeline for brand pages is great for expressing the key qualities of your brand. But remember if you have switched on timeline for your page you will need to pay even more attention to what people are saying. The recent posts by others feature means You can no longer afford to ignore comments and mentions because they are among the first thing that people see when they visit your page. Not only that - but if they are friends with anyone who has made a comment about you, that will also be what they see first. Yes, there is the option of editing these via the new activity feed feature - however it’s preferable to keep an open and honest approach - not try to hide all your flaws.

Nobody's perfect. No brand is, either.


No it’s not the self-help phenomenon - it’s a brand one. It's the growing recognition that brands don't alway's get it right. There is nowhere this is more true than in Social Media - remember #QuantasLuxury? What's important from a branding perspective is knowing how to come back after you've stuffed up. And knowing not to be afraid of showing a little Flawsome in everything you do. In fact, if you go out of your way to ignore, cover up or wipe over your flaws, in the age of showing how 'human' brands are you'll wind up looking even worse for it.

Read the trendhunter report for more on this trend: and check out this Dollar Shave Club video as an example of Flawsome branding in action:

Epic win!

Can you think of another Flawsome brand or company that has caught your attention lately?



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