Derek Handley calls a nation to its feet Derek Handley from Hyper Factory spoke at a World Class New Zealand event put on by Kea New Zealand.

This is the most inspiring speech I've heard in many years. Ok, so yes I should have been at the event, no excuses. Don't be surprised if you see me next week reciting segments, I think we need more people crazy enough to want to change the world.

This was no presentation, this was a speech, a call to the nation to step up and do; something. Handley says, Everyone should start to research the patterns of the future, team up, quit your jobs, drop out of university, and start building something. People need to join the revolution of the future, in the 1000's not 100's, choose to be different, choose to do something.

Feels like Handley has almost cracked the entrepreneurial code, the formula, the recipe for success, or at least for him. Guess it's up to us to sort out ourselves.

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