Day 8 - the 21 Day #lightbulb Challenge

Offline is where the action is

So it seems mighty strange to be talking social media to people who live and breath social media. Ok so its lots of tips and advice to get people thinking about how to use these tools in interesting and different ways but really; are we just preaching to the converted?

When it comes to your business you can promote through the social networks to reach out, gain new followers and engage but what can you be doing offline to help encourage more Kiwi's to join Twitter or engage with more brands on Facebook?

  • Ask customers at the checkout if they have a twitter page? (even just for a laugh)
  • Ask customers if they are a Fan of you on Facebook? If not ask them what you could do to entice them? If they are give them a 5% discount
  • Add your Twitter and Facebook URL's to your packaging, bags and other collateral
  • Add your URL's to your print and radio adverts
  • Give your staff Social Media branded t-shirts to wear @tweet4yourtee make good ones :)
  • Share a discount code on Facebook - when customers mention in at checkout they get rewarded

What other ways do you encourage your staff to promote your social sites offline?